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Submitted on
November 23, 2012


8,912 (14 today)
77 (who?)


Fri Nov 23, 2012, 2:22 AM

✦Batch 1

:rzero:  slvr-phoenix-------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero:  Feena-c------------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero:  irida21 -------------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero:  Vaniraa ------------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero:  MisterMya----------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero: IDZeroNo-----------------------------------------------DONE

✦Batch 2

:rzero:  MisterMya----------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero:  Seishikiouji--------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero:  Nakiya--------------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero:  MisterMya----------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero:  Vaniraa ------------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero:  Vaniraa ------------------------------------------------DONE

✦Batch 3

:rzero: Xiraphox------------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero: Himeyu-------------------------------------DONE
:rzero:  MisterMya----------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero:  irida21 -------------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero:  Nakiya--------------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero:  Limespicer---------------------------------------------DONE

✦Batch 4

:rzero:  MisterMya----------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero:  MisterMya----------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero:  IMAKINATION--------------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero:  MisterMya----------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero:  Ethakar-------------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero:  MisterMya----------------------------------------------DONE

✦Batch 5

:rzero:  NabiHaemi------------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero:  LaviRabi-------------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero:  chuchuchalupa11-------------------------------------DONE
:rzero:  crownwaltz---------------------------------------------------
:rzero:  MisterMya----------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero:  Hisagiluv-------------------------------------------------DONE

✦Project INFERNAL Concept Art (completed 20.11.2013)

:rzero:  1st CA----------------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero:  2nd CA---------------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero:  3rd CA----------------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero:  4th CA----------------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero:  5th CA----------------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero:  CR --------------------------------------------------------DONE

✦Batch 6 (completed on 30.12.2013)

:rzero: irida21----------------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero: irida21----------------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero: Himeyu--------------------------------------DONE
:rzero: Limespicer------------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero:  Vaniraa ------------------------------------------------DONE
Rzero PurpleS-cks -------------------------------------------DONE
Rzero PurpleS-cks -------------------------------------------DONE
Rzero Mezmere --------------------------------------------------DONE
Rzero EchizensGirl ----------------------------------------------DONE

✦Batch 7 (completed on 15.01.2014)

Rzero Vaniraa ----------------------------------------------------DONE
Rzero endspire ------------------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero: dragonspeaker----------------------------------------------DONE
Rzero MisterMya -------------------------------------------------DONE
Rzero Xiraphox------------------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero: LayDeDeadpool -----------------------------------------DONE
Rzero SnakeyHoHo ------------------------------------------------DONE
Rzero Vaniraa ----------------------------------------------------DONE
Rzero Vaniraa ----------------------------------------------------DONE

✦Batch 8 (completed on 08.02.2014)

:rzero:  Ethakar------------------------------------------------------DONE
Rzero Baka-no-Neko --------------------------------------------DONE
Rzero MisterMya -------------------------------------------------DONE
Rzero prince0fdorkness-------------------------------------------DONE 
Rzero slvr-phoenix--------------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero: Iviernu--------------------------------------------------DONE 
:rzero: envylovr -----------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero: Medusa-chii ----------------------------------------DONE

✦Batch 9 (completed on 03.03.2014)

Rzero Bahamutia --------------------------------------------------DONE
Rzero madhatterkyoko-------------------------------------------DONE
Rzero Vaniraa -----------------------------------------------------DONE
Rzero Himeyu ------------------------------------------DONE 
:rzero: SuzumeMizuno-----------------------------------------------DONE

✦Batch 10 (completed on 10.03.2014)

:rzero: SuzumeMizuno----------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero: Mezmere -----------------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero: irida21 ------------------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero: irida21 ------------------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero: raitokura----------------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero: PrinceProcrastinate--------------------------------------DONE

✦Batch 11 (completed on 28.04.2014)

:rzero: oKaiba ------------------------------------------------------DONE
Rzero Himeyu ------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero: kevins405 --------------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero: Deadlined client work 1------------------------ DONE
:rzero: Deadlined client work 2------------------------ DONE

✦Batch 12 (completed on 20.04.2014)

:rzero: Mezmere ----------------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero: KatNikki ---------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero: MisterMya -----------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero: Himeyu ----------------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero: Himeyu ----------------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero: ShiningSiria  -----------------------------------------------DONE

✦Batch 13 (completed 15.06.2014)

Rzero Vaniraa ----------------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero: MisterMya-------------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero: Mezmere ----------------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero: Himeyu ----------------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero: PurpleR-les-----------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero: SuzumeMizuno----------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero: SuzumeMizuno----------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero: Himeyu ------------------------------------------------------DONE

✦Batch 14 (completed 8.10.2014) 

:rzero: Himeyu ------------------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero: NobleCielPhantomhive--------------------------------DONE
:rzero: NobleCielPhantomhive--------------------------------DONE
:rzero: DisgaeaFan ------------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero: Mezmere-----------------------------------------------------DONE 
:rzero: Vaniraa ---------------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero: Empira --------------------------------------------------DONE 
:rzero: Rozelu ------------------------------------------------------DONE

✦Batch 15 
(working on right now)

:rzero: irida21 ------------------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero: MisterMya------------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero: xz0mb13qu33nx ----------------------------------------DONE
:rzero: Himeyu -----------------------------------------------------DONE
:rzero: Vaniraa----------------------------------
:rzero: Mezmere ----------------------------------
:rzero: ----------------------------------------------------------------OPEN

Last Update:
  21st November, 11pm (local time) 

Exclamation  Info: Currently having midterms. Most work is done during the weekends. ;3;

Exclamation  Info: Working on taken slots right now. Thank you~  :iconpinkballoonplz:

✧✧✧   ✧✧✧   ✧✧✧

Info:  List of reserved(=unpaid, reserved for many many months later) slots have been moved to a personal file. If you're in that list/If I've told you that I've reserved a slot for you, you can contact me anytime to be put in the Batch I'm working on at the moment, even if commissions are closed. :aww:


:pointr: Please when paying send the money in Euro Currency!!! Paypal fees are not included in the prices.
:pointr: Will start with your commission after receiving payment.

:pointr:What I do:pointl:
✓Animals+A bit of Anthro

:pointr:Won't do:pointl:
✘Too explicit or violent stuff

Example:Log128: Aonuma Shun by sakonma Log:127 ID by sakonma  CM: Vacc and Fray by sakonma
Info:  Flat colors only, no background 
Price: {{{19€ half-body}}} {{{25€ full-body}}} {{{+15€/21€ additional character}}}

✧✧✧   ✧✧✧   ✧✧✧

Example:CM: Mister and Miss Mya by sakonma Shingeki No Kyojin: Mikasa by sakonma Shinsekai Yori: Phantasma by sakonma CM: Alex and Phae Kiss by sakonma
Info: Anime-ish style
Price: {{{38€ half-body}}} {{{46€ full-body}}} {{{+34€/41€ additional character}}}{{{+ max 25€ if background}}}

✧   ✧   

Example: Halfbodies.::Regulus::. by sakonma Commission: Luca by sakonma CM: Amayeka by sakonma CM: Aidan by sakonma CM: Belyana by sakonma
Example: FullbodiesCM: Derick by sakonma CM: Snow Rei by sakonma CM: Zien-Yazad by sakonma CM: Luce and Vivi by sakonma
Info: Semi-realistic
Price: {{{62€ half-body}}}  {{{76€ full-body}}}  {{{+56€/71€ additional character}}}  {{{+ max 35€ if background}}}

✧✧✧   ✧✧✧   ✧✧✧

Custom Gif Adopt by sakonma 
Example: Custom Gif Adopt - Autumn Tiger by sakonma Custom Gif Adopt - Cosmic Mage by sakonma Custom Gif Adopt - Phoenix Dragon by sakonma Custom Gif Adopt - Hell Prince/Wrath by sakonma Custom Gif Adopt - War Horse by sakonma
Info: Character Creation. A custom adopt with 5-7 layers of clothes, shaded and detailed.
Price: {{{if entirely new character:99€}}} {{{if new clothes to existing character:89€}}} {{{if break-down of existing design:49€}}} 
Price: {{{if entirely new character with only 2 layers:43€}}}

✧✧✧   ✧✧✧   ✧✧✧

Example:CM: Alexander Reference Sheet by sakonma CM: Cleo Reference Sheet by sakonma  CM: Layde Reference Sheet by sakonma CM: Character Ref by sakonma
Info:  It can contain: fullbodies (front, back, or side), headshots (front, 3/4, profile, or back), expressions (please specify how many and what kind),  color palette, text, accessories and etc. If you want something that's not listed here, please ask and we'll discuss it. 
Coloring Style:  Either simple Outlines with Flat colors, or Shaded (like the thumbnail-example).
Flats Price: {{{19€ each full-body}}} {{{6€ first head-shot, extras vary}}} {{{6€ first expression, extras vary}}}
Shaded Price: {{{38€ each full-body}}} {{{10€ first head-shot, extras vary}}} {{{8 first expression, extras vary}}}

More Samples      :pointr:

Dynamic Glitter Text Generator at

I'd like you to sent me a dA-note (or an e-mail to: , but I prefer notes) in the following format:

Subject: Commission
Email: []
Deviantart/GaiaOnline Username: [your account's name here]
Type: [ Flats | Digital | CG Illustration]
What: [Half-body | Full-body]
Description: [Show me pictures of the character(s) you want me to draw, a little description of how you would like the picture to be [shall it be a happy, sad, mysterious, funky picture? etc], and please give me a bit of backstory for your character(s)~]
Number of Characters: [Type total number of characters that you want in the picture]
Background: [Yes | No. If "Yes", please describe so I can give you a fair price. A detailed full illustration background is charged with the max amount]

 When ordering for a custom gif adopt:

☆I will send you a form that I'd like you to fill out. It contains things like hair color, theme/style, bodytype, colorscheme, features,etc.
☆You can be as descriptive as you like.
☆If you want something really specific, it'd be nice to include a reference in case you have one.
☆You agree to the following rules: No reselling. Not to be used for commercial use. Let me know if you want to trade. You can repost to your galleries, but please credit. You can do small edits if you wish. 

When ordering for a reference sheet, please use this format:

Subject: Reference Sheet Commission
Email: []
Deviantart/GaiaOnline Username: [your account's name]
Style: [ Flat colors | Shaded]
What: [Number of Full-bodies, Headshots, Expressions, or anything else you'd like. For the extra headshots and expressions: please tell me if they are alterations of the first. For example the expressions in the first two samples are all based on the same base. If you want each expression/headshot to not be the same, the price will be more]
Description: [Show me pictures of the character you want me to draw. I won't create a character just from a description though. If you'd like to add some text in the reference sheet as well, please write it and I'll copy-paste it. 
Background/Layout Decoration: [Yes | No]. If "Yes", please describe. For example "fullbodies on the right, headshots below, vertical color-palette, floral background with frames around each part of the reference sheet, text on the right, font of the text" etc. If it's something complicated, I'll charge extra for it. If you want something simple or leave it up to me, I do it for free. You can always give me a link to some layout reference if you have one and want it specifically done like that.

Dynamic Glitter Text Generator at

:damphyr: Paypal

Please ► Send the money in Euros
Please ► Send the money as "For family or friends"
Please ► Pay the paypal fees in case they apply

:damphyr: Paypal fees are not included in the prices. Please pay them in case they apply. 
:damphyr: I don't do refunds. 
:damphyr: I don't do discounts. Unless you're ordering 1000€ worth of commissions at once o-o
:damphyr: Animals are additional characters, but the prices vary according to their size and details.
:damphyr: Very complicated tattoos are charged extra.
:damphyr: Except for the Custom Gif Adopts, I don't do character creation from scratch/description, unless we've talked about it and I agreed. 
:damphyr: Deadlined commissions are charged extra, based on style and date of deadline. 
:damphyr: I dont accept commissions that come with deadlines shorter than 2 weeks.

:damphyr: Because of health and studies, estimated waiting time until I finish your picture will be 2-4 weeks, starting from the day I send you the 1st wip.
:damphyr: I have the right to refuse a request if I don't like it.
:damphyr: I'm not obliged to upload your commission in my galleries. 
:damphyr: You can upload the commission in your galleries, but please credit. 
:damphyr: I have the right to use commissioned pictures for advertising purposes, samples, etc.

:damphyr: Don't use my art for commercial purposes and profit if I haven't agreed to it.
:damphyr: If you want to use my art for commercial purposes and profit, ask me before you commission me. You'll have to pay extra for  buying the rights. There'll be difference in the prices as well. 

:damphyr: Don't hesitate to ask me for something that is not listed here. I like to experiment! But of course please be rational (no 50 page comic or something o-o I'm not a mangaka or comic artist omg )

Thank you in advance~! :iconpinkballoonplz:

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KatNikki Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014  Student Writer
I can't wait for slots to open up again! ^0^ Your art is so gorgeous that it's just hard to resist buying. I'll be checking here often! <3
I hope things have been going well for you. >w< 
sakonma Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014
Awww thank you so much!! I really appreciate it! :iconiloveyouplz:

Thank you!! :iconleeblushplz: I'll do my best! ´7`
Rozelu Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014   Digital Artist
Hello! May I reserve a slot for your next batch please?
sakonma Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014
Yes, of course! :la: Whenever you're ready, please send me a note with your request! Even a short summary that includes just a picture of the character(s), and type of commission (drawing style, half or fullbody, with or no bg) is fine for now! I simply want to have a general idea about it for starters :nod:

Thanks a lot for the interest! :iconlaloveplz:
Rozelu Featured By Owner Edited Aug 20, 2014   Digital Artist
Okay, I'm interested in a custom gif adopt, so I'm supposed to use a different form from the ones up there right?
sakonma Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014
Oh! In that case yes :nod: 
This is the form for the Custom Gif Adopts:   
Mezmere Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*Eagerly but patiently awaits the reopening of cms*  ;3;
I AM SORRY orz   your art is too pretty it's so hard to resist~
sakonma Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014
adljfalkdfj oh goodness!!!! :iconleeblushplz:
Thank you so much dear ;7; Means a lot to me! ´u`<3333333
NobleCielPhantomhive Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2014  Professional Filmographer
Ahh I was about to ask for a commission but realized your closed OTZ
sakonma Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2014
Awwww :iconbrohugplz:
No worries dear!! They'll open again in about a week, so dont forget to check back! :la:
Or would you like me to send a note your way, once a slot is open again and let you know? :iconpinkballoonplz:
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