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May 3, 2011


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-Commissions Info-

Journal Entry: Tue May 3, 2011, 12:27 AM
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:frail: Finished my reserved slots! Accepting new slots for waiting list
:frail: Currently not shipping any pictures
:pointr: Changed the prices to Euros. Please when paying send the money in Euro Currency!!!
:pointr: Points Commissions are closed. Payment method is Paypal Only~
:pointr: If you don't wish to reveal your Email to me, you can also sent a note~ :meow:
:pointr: Average Waiting Time will be from 1 to 2 weeks, I'm sorry~ T3T University exams ;_;

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:pointr:What I do:pointl:

:pointr:Won't do:pointl:
✘Yuri (can be discussed)
✘Too explicit or violent stuff
✘Chibi (???) not so sure~ :XD:

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Example:.::G e m i n i -II-::. by sakonma
Media:Pencil on A3 Aquarelle Paper
Description: Single Character + Shading + Simple Background + Little Digital Editing (Textures) [Optional]
Price: 10€  {{{every additional character: +6€

:pointr:Traditional Coloring:pointl:
Example:.::L y c o r i s::. by sakonma
Media:Pencil on A3 Aquarelle Paper for Sketch, Watercolor (and other mixed Media like Ink, Copics etc.) for Coloring
Description: Single Character + Shading + Simple Background + Small Digital Editing (Textures) [Optional]
Price: 17€  {{{every additional character: +9€

:pointr:Semi Traditional|Digital :pointl:
Example:.::Lenees::. by sakonma Commish: Nomura Usutu by sakonma Commish: Koneko by sakonma
Media:Sketch with Pencil on A3 Aquarelle Paper, Coloring with Adobe Photoshop
Description: Single Character + Shading + Background + Textures
Price: 16€ {{{every additional character: +7€

:pointr:Digital :pointl:
Example:.:: Le Guardien ::. by sakonma .::T a e n i u r a::. by sakonma Commish Harkoa by sakonma Commish: Yudha The Gatekeeper by sakonma
Media:Sketch, Final Outlines and Color with Adobe Photoshop
Description: Single Character + Shading + Simple Background + Textures
Price: 20€  {{{every additional character: +10€

:pointr:Digital Stylesheet-Illu :pointl:
Example: Nevan Character Stylesheet by sakonma H o m e p a g e P r e v i e w by sakonma
Media:Sketch, Final Outlines and Color with Adobe Photoshop and SAI {{{extra costs if you want it in a Flash-interactive file like in the second thumbnail
Description: Detailed Single Character Fullbody + Shading + Character Info + Accessories Detail + Custom Box + Realistic Headshot
Price: 45€  {{{no additional character

:pointr:Digital Mini :pointl:
Example:MemoLog005.::Minato by sakonmaID20111510 by sakonmaMemoLog013 by sakonmaMemolog::.025 by sakonma
Media:Sketch and Color with Adobe Photoshop CS3 - PaintTool Sai
Description: Single Character + Shading + Textures, with mono-color background, 400x400 pixels or 600x400 (or anything other custom size up to 600x600px)
Price: 4€  {{{no additional character

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►If it's a digital commission, it would be better to ask me for the large resolution picture, so that instead of shipping a print, you can print it on your own, without me charging you shipping costs
►For traditional :pointr: I have found A3 envelopes, in which my A3 papers are able to fit, and they also have bubbles yay~ :la: I hope this will solve the problem~
►Please mention it, so I can go ask how much it will cost.Currently Unavailable

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I would like you to sent me a dA-note or an e-mail to this address: in the following format:

Subject: Commission
Email: []
Deviantart Username: [your account's name here]
Type: [Sketch | Traditional | Semi Traditional-Digital]
Description: [Show me pictures of the character(s) you want me to draw, a little description of how you would like the picture to be [shall it be a happy, sad, mysterious, funky picture? etc], and please give me a bit of backstory from your character(s)~]
Number of Characters: [Type total number of characters that you want in the picture]
Payment Method: [Paypal | Deviantart Points | Concealed Cash]
Shipping: [write if you would want to get the original picture] Currently Unavailable

I will reply to you with the following information:

Subject:Commission Accepted
Commission Number: [I will give you a number, for instance CM#001. I would like you to include that number when you pay.]
Payment Info: [ According to what Payment Method you choose, I will give you further instructions]
Questions: [I might want to ask you more about your character(s) :aww:]
Price: [I will calculate and write you how much it will cost, according to the type of commission you choose, the number of characters, shipping costs etc.]

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:damphyr: Paypal
Here more Info about how to create an account ►
Please MUST read before paying ►…
Please ► Send the money in Euros

:damphyr: Concealed Cash
► At your own risk. ( ° ^°)

Of course I will be keeping track on who commissions me, and how many times!

So I can make discounts for return-customers :heart:

If you decide to commission me, I will give you a nice fluffy Llama [in case I haven't yet :XD:] and look through your gallery and feature your works that I like, in my following journals. :la:

:damphyr: If you want me to draw your character(s) face only or waist up or full body, is all the same. This means no extra costs full-body pictures. Please specify what you want though.

:damphyr: I will start with Chronological Order. That means, I will draw the first commissioner's picture first. I don't like making people wait for too long~

:damphyr: Do not pay, if I haven't sent you an e-mail reply! If I have, then I will start with your commission, after you pay.

:damphyr: In case you haven't received an e-mail reply within a week, please try again.

:damphyr: Since our currency here is Euros, in case you decide to sent me the payment via Concealed Cash [and your own currency isn't Euros], I would like you to convert the exact price first.

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2 of 3: DONE

Thank you in advance~! :iconpinkballoonplz:

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Vick444y Feb 7, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Can I be put on a waiting list?
Of course! Thank you for your interest! :aww:
Shall I contact you once I'm done with my current list? (it will probably take me 3-4 weeks~ Hope you dont mind >3<)
Vick444y Feb 7, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sure and no I don't mind :D
Yuzukiii Jan 16, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Zwar hab ich im Moment kein Geld, aber für später:
Colorierst du auch Skizzen die du nicht gemacht hast o_O?
Yup! Kein Problem! ^-^

Halt grad nicht, weil wir Prüfungen haben und keine Zeit übrig bleibt, sry ;3;
Yuzukiii Jan 16, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
schon klar xD
Bloß für irgendwann in der Zukunft <3
I can't make up my mind.... I really want to commission you but I don't know what to ask for :(
I'd be happy with anything! :la: You can take your time to decide :aww:
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