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April 15, 2013
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:frail:Shinsekai Yori Comic Strip
Characters : Asahina Satoru, Aonuma Shun

It takes around 1 minute to load

You'll hear the music once it's fully loaded :meow:
Static version :pointr: [link]

Finally finiiiiiiished! :iconhappyblueplz:

Ok some explaining:

Started this on the Greek celebration day "Καθαρα Δευτέρα" [meaning "Clean Monday", something like a "Purification" celebration].

There's lots of customs for that day. One of them is to fly kites in the sky, and paint the roads white *well...Shun here isn't painting any road white lol XD He's just turning the lake surface into a path of ice so they can run on it and fly their kites What? Makes perfect sense! :dummy:*

Something else that is common here is parents saying to their children that if you count the stars, you'll get bad luck/something bad will happen to you :fear:
So yeah...I kind of get the feeling that Shun is the type of boy who would do something like try to count the stars
Ok ok I just wanted an excuse to draw sparkles in his eyes :icondurrhurrplz:

Well this comic strip doesn't really make sense~ Just desired to draw some SatoruxShun and point at Shun's curious nature and how he would count the stars, get bad luck (=turn into a Karma Demon), and end up joining the stars in the sky(=dying) :saddummy:


Process-wise, I must say I didn't struggle finding things to "separate", more like "connect" the panels with each other and make the whole comic strip fluid! It went pretty smoothly I must say! :la:
Decided to take it a step further though and add more perspectives as well, like Dutch View, or Eagle View :nod:
Then also thought to add faces too... damn hard with that style though :faint: That's the only point where I struggled for pretty long D: Started watching a new anime though, called "Aku No Hana" which totally gave me inspiration so it worked in the end! I hope! :giggle:


*hope the music-video synchronization is ok! :iconimsorryplz:*
Anyway~ Will upload a static version soon too~


Time: ~33 hours
Media: Sai | Photoshop | Adobe Flash CS3 | Moyea | Audacity | Windows Movie Maker |
Music: Shinsekai Yori 1st Ending - Instrumental
Progress wips and text-bubbleless panels: [link]

Thank you very much for viewing! Hope you enjoyed reading! :iconblushplz:

And like always! :la:

Let's get Shinsekai Yori an Official Novel Translation!! :pointr: [link]

Also big thanks to ephemeralii and Dusahn for their fan-translations of the novel!! :pointr: [link]

And :pointr: [link]



Now I'm off to draw Maria wuiiiiiii~~~ :iconfeelingfreeplz:
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it was a cute comic & I love the way it was drawn though I ship SakixSatoru ever since the beginning of the anime with the scene where they were captured XD
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