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July 7, 2013
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Nier: Emil by sakonma Nier: Emil by sakonma
:frail: Emil and Grimoire Weiss from the game "Nier" :frail:


First, I'd like to thank :iconendspire: for drawing Kaine and making me curious about that game! :la: That's how I found out about it and fell in love with it :heart: *your game suggestions are always a must-buy dear! :la:*
And secondly, THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU to my friend Serenity for buying me this game as an *super* early birthday gift :iconiloveyouplz: I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH! :iconlaloveplz:

So yup! Whenever I'm taking my half hour breaks from studying and commissions, I play Nier :la:
THIS GAME IS AMAZING I TELL YOU! :iconilavplz: I just got to the point where you meet Emil, and...andddddd... I LOVE HIM AAAAAH :iconblushplz: And the floating book, Weiss, is so super funny omg I just love his humor :giggle:

Aaaah I have so many good words to say about that game although I'm not even half-way through it! The characters are great, the gameplay is awesome, the story is simple to understand and keeps you curious and interested at all times, and the soundtrack IS FREAKING. DIVINE. DIVIIIIIIIIIIIIINE. I find myself singing along all the time haha! :iconhappyblueplz:

The only thing that made me pout is... the Japanese version has this super hawt protagonist, while the European version has his 40-years-old-man version :iconorzplz:
I want to play as a bishie sobsob :iconlazycryplz: But I actually like the older version too~ He's fun to play as~ :dummy:

But yes, Emil. That adorable little thing omg <3 And I love Kaine too <3333 :iconiloveitplz:

Expect more fanarts in the future because I'm so in love with that game :iconmonkeyloveplz:


Time: 2 hours
Media: Sai
Tumblr Link: [link]


Tried using less colors this time, since once you enter Emil's mansion, all the colors fade~
It was refreshing working like that! :la: Next time I'd like to try out a softer shading :nod:

Thank you for looking! :iconpinkballoonplz:

Now back to answer some notes and work on commishes~ :iconfeelingfreeplz:
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Saroyarin Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I was looking up Emil related stuff and saw this and was immediately like '...sakonmaaaa... WAIT. HOW COME I NEVER SAW THIS--'
Anyway I'm halfway through the game now and UGH IT'S SO FREAKING HARD (maybe it's just me, I'm bad at games) BUT IT'S SO GOOD... good cause YES and bad cause I should be workiiinggg... orz
I agree though, I wish we had the option to have either replicant or gestalt... I... I wanted to play as a hot guy...  I mean-- >-> ...oh I'm not even going to bother pretending otherwise anymore HAHA

Anyway, you've drawn this beautifully ;u; I've always loved that watery style you use with colouring and lines, and the sort of broken colour... it's just wonderful ;A; and yet again I'm crying over how beautiful you make the backgrounds, a small but important detail I think ;v; it really makes a big difference and sets the mood. Amazing work! //cries and rolls away to play more
sakonma Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014
ohhhhh OMG SO SWEET!!!
so happy youre enjoying the game!! ;7;

but yes I really wanted to play as the bishi Nier ;3; But in the end, I also really liked papa Nier because the father-daughter story was more moving ;u; In the japanese, it's a brother-sister story, and it gets a bit incest XDDD

THANK YOU SO MUCH SWEETIE!!! broken color! AWWW thx >u< I really tried to use colors that remind you of the atmosphere of the game ;u;

THANKS SO MUCH!! so glad you like it! /)////v///(\ \
*yess go play XD*
Saroyarin Featured By Owner May 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Mmm, it is a good game! Leveling up is so difficult though, it takes so long lkfxa;kdsfh 
Though I agree, the father-daughter story is great too in the end, and I think he's a quite a likable character so it's nice to play as him-- but I always felt sad whenever Yonah was like DAD CAN I TALK TO YOU? and he's like NOPE. WORKING, BYE. ;3; and oh boy do I feel sad now, I just finished the entire game and I felt kind of bad for the shadowlord ;; if my theory is correct, the shade nier and yonah would have been the original humans... like the one see at the very start, so I dunno.. I guess I just felt sad because it's like he still lost his daughter anyway in the end.

Yeah it does work well to recreate the atmosphere- especially for emil's mansion. kind of dulled, but in a good way. It works cause the game is pretty gloomy :'D gosh you're so creative :iconlazycryplz:

LaviRabi Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
sakonma Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2013
AHAHAHAHA THANK YOU!! :iconiloveitplz:
I seriously have the same reaction when I see him in-game aaah <333
KashinoRei Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2013  Hobbyist Artist

OmG! YES!!!! 

You  drew Emil so nicely!!! :heart:

And I can just say itīs so true, I also envy the japanese for their bishi-maincharacter (actually, I buyed the japanese game just to be able to play him) but the old one is oaky too. But DID YOU KNEW that Emil actually has a crush on the young (bishi) Nier in the japanse game???

There is also a sequence (where is one of the few differences in the gamess) where this mariage is and Emil is talking to Nier and saying, he wants to be a bride(!!!) once too and if Nier ever plans to marry. And when Nier left the room, heīs saying that he was implying that he strongly deesires to be Nierīs bride. QoQ :heart:

sakonma Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013
Thank you so much! So happy you like him! :iconawwloveplz:

OH GODSSSSS YES! I'd love to have the Japanese version as well ;A; I mean Nier is soooo bishie there! I'm so jelly of the Japanese! :iconlazycryplz:

W-wait...did I just read that right!!? EMIL HAS A CRUSH ON BISHINIER??? :iconilavplz:
Oh my goodness THIS IS AAAAH!! :iconcannotevenplz:

Aldfkajflakfajf I just read in the official Grimoire Nier Guide that Emil is really into guys OMG THAT EXPLAINS IT ADLKFJAFLKAJFA AND HE WANTS TO BE A BRIDE TOO??? AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!  :iconlawooplz:
Nier's bride omgggggg I'M SO GONNA DRAW THEM TOGETHER AFTER READING THIS AAAAAAAAAAAH!!! :iconiloveyouplz: Thank you THANK YOU THANK YOU so much for telling me omgomgomgomg this got me so excitedddd :iconmonkeyloveplz: I loved Emil from the start since he's so cute BUT NOW THAT I KNOW THIS I LOVE HIM EVEN MORE! :iconomgsocuteplz:
KashinoRei Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013  Hobbyist Artist

The japanese version is so great especially Bishi-Nier. I so love Bishi Nier. :heart:

Though at the beginning he is more like a cute Bishi Nier, but looks somehow a little bit idiotic, but after those 5 years (after Yonah was taken away from the also bishi shadow lord) he looks soooooooo damn good. *0*

And yes I also loved Emil from the start (the name of his butler is sebastian wtf XDXDXD ) but the moment I knew he really is in love with Nier....all was over for me and now Iīm all over those two!!!! Also because Bishi Nier is also supposed to be gay. *0* 

And did you know about the hottie Tyrann? Itīs someone who shares the body with Kaine and seriously....that guy is crazy. (and the gae getīs even better when youīre through it first and second time)

Though I have to admit, I love emilīs englisch voice a lot more than his japanese.


(I even asked a friend of mine to draw them :heart: )

sakonma Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2013
Totally agree~ I want to look at the Japanese Nier all day and sign at how handsome he is~ :iconiloveitplz:

Oh I think when he's 16 he looks like a parrot heeee! Cute but yeah a bit idiotic too haha BUT SO CUTE I SWEAR! :iconiloveyouplz:
Ah wait so the Shadowlord's appearance in the Japanese is different as well? HAVENT SEEN HIM!!! :iconicantbelieveitplz:

Seriously thanks so much for telling me! :iconlaloveplz: AND OMG WAIT! So Nier is gay too? I finished the game today *Ending C and I know what happens in D*, so I spend all the evening reading the Grimoire Nier guidebook and the short story were Nier prostitutes himself! So sad but woah does that mean he's gay too? .0.

Oh and yes having finished the game by now I know Tyrann :D His voice is so WOAH!
And I totally agree about Emil's english voice! I like it better too~ He sounds way cuter *and shota-er omg*

I will I will! Definitely! :happybounce: I just need to find some time since I'm busy with commissioned work right now sob ;3;
KashinoRei Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013  Hobbyist Artist

Japanese Nier is sooooo endless beautiful!!!! :heart:0:heart:

xD Yes, the 16 years old Nier really looks a little bit idiotic, but somehow it also fitīs.

And yes, the japanese Shadow Lord looks different as well,  because he is, after all, the same boy from the beginning and since in the beginning in the japanese game, you also have a young boy and not the old one (I guess because you should think it could be the same boy as Nier) and so the shadow Lord also looks younger and more-bishi-like.

.....Wait. WHAT?!? I havnīt played Ending D!!!! O.O (thatīs the problem when youīre playing the japanese and englisch version at the same time xD it takes thedouble of the time)

I just had the ending when Emils head was rolling through the desert. OxO A kinda...awkward ending. I was happy Emil was alive....but......that rolling and happiely talking head was kinda creepy. xD

But.....Nier prostitutes himself?!?!? Now I HAVE to continue playing!!! And yes, the bishi Nier is supposed to be gay.

Ouuuh, yes Tyranns voice soooo dammn freaking HOT!!!!! But yes, Emilīs englisch voice is a lot more Shota and...I love how he sounds when he cries. So heart-breaking. QQ (oh my, the scene when bishi Nier takes "monster" Emil into his arms.......>o< :heart:)

Oh, I canīt wait to see it!!!! xD Since I also love your style so much!!!! Argh!!!

I wish I could also draw them, but I am too afraid my skills are still not good enough. I would just be dissapointed about myself. xD

But what a good thing I still have cosplay. xD

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